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Angora Frost Yarn (Angora Sock Yarn) ($25/skein)

2 oz skeins
200+ yards each
Natural or dyed
Fiber content
50% Angora
20% Nylon
20% Superwash Merino
It takes 2 skeins to make a pair of socks.

Dyed angora sock yarn. © Windsor Farms Rabbitry

Angora sock yarn. © Windsor Farms Rabbitry.

Caution: Washing and drying by machine may have different results than shown here.  To reduce risk of possible disaster you may wish to hand wash and dry flat as directed on the label.

Angora Blizzard Yarn ($25/skein)
2 oz skeins
200+ yards each
Fiber Content
85% Angora
15% Merino

Hat made with Blizzard Yarn. © Windsor Farms Rabbitry.

Scarf designed by JC Briar and made with Blizzard Yarn. Pattern available. © Windsor Farms Rabbitry.

50% Angora 50% Merino Roving ($6/oz)
We have a variety of different colored blends.  Our most popular blends are purple, periwinkle, midnight blue, white, and pink.  Stop by our booth some time at Black Sheep Gathering or Oregon Flock and Fiber and check out our available blends.  Please note that a new run for the same blend may turn out slightly different, similar to different dye lots in yarns.  If there isn’t a blend that strikes your fancy let us know what colors you would like to see and maybe next time we’ll have it available!

Midnight blue roving; 50% angora, 50% merino. © Windsor Farms Rabbitry.

Forest green roving; 50% angora, 50% merino. © Windsor Farms Rabbitry

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