Windsor Farms Rabbitry



Hi, I'm Gail Smith.  I started raising Angora Rabbits in 1986 in Windsor, Maine.  I was an avid spinner and liked the idea of raising my own fiber.  I looked at sheep and goats, but finally chose Angora rabbits.  My spinning time was limited, and I wanted to make the most of it.  Angora has a wonderful feel, is ready to spin just as it comes off the rabbit, and makes yarn that is the height of luxury.  You can't beat the feeling you get when you give someone a gift made from your homespun and they say "Oooh, that's Wonderful!!!"

I began with six cross breed does and a buck and was very quickly hooked.  Then I discovered German Angoras.  I fell in love with these gentle creatures.  I couldn't believe the amount of wool they produced - at least twice the wool of the best rabbit in the barn.   All of our Germans are descended exclusively from imported German stock.

In 1998 we moved across country to settle in Silverton, Oregon.  Today our rabbit barn is home to 20 to 30 rabbits.  We have a variety of black and albino German Angoras and a few German Hybrid Angoras.  If you would like to adopt one of our rabbits, please contact us to see what we have available.  We do ship!

I am currently President of the International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders (IAGARB).

Contact Information
          Hours: 10 am - 5 pm PST
     Snail Mail
          Gail Smith, 4151 Mountain View Rd, Silverton, OR 97381